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Jenni O'Brien

Studio Owner, RYT 500

I first came to my mat at the wise age of sixteen. It was at a Bally's in Newington, CT. Needless to say, there was plenty of nervous giggles & blank stares that day. Nevertheless, it was there that I first learned of yoga. I realized quickly it was a lot more than merely touching your toes and chanting OM, but if you asked me what exactly it was, I wouldn't have known what to say. Now, at just shy of forty, I still am at a loss of words. Through the years I have practiced many styles of yoga. Just when I think I've done it all they throw a goat or two in there...seriously. What I can tell you is that through heartbreak and self-doubt, through epic leaps of faith, and exhausted moments as a new mother, yoga has been there for me. As I've grown and developed in both mind and body, yoga has always shined a light of truth into my life. I strive to not be a teacher of yoga, but merely a guide for those who are on their own journey. My greatest hope as a yogi is that I can share the peace, the comfort, the playfull nature that yoga can bring into ones life. Know that whether you're eighteen or eighty-eight there is a place for you in yoga. I hope that you will join me. 

Jenni O'Brien

Studio Owner