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Gentle Yoga 12 pm Mondays

Take a softer approach to asana. This class is a delectable way to start the week off.  By incorporating grounding breathwork and mindful movements, stress will begin to melt away.  Yin postures & guided meditations will further your holistic approach to release tension, You'll be looking forward to Mondays from here on out.


10 am Thursdays

Alignment and Flow pushes you to dive deeper into your practice. An emphasis on proper posture helps you refine your form. This class welcomes all levels, and is a great option for someone who may be working with limited range of motion.  This is a lovely way to heat up the body and melt away stress.


 Slow Flow

10 am Wednesdays

Slow Flow focuses on connecting the body and the breath. If you are interested in learning how to find your flow, then this class is for you. Each session will feature focus postures which will be broken down at the beginning of class.  Learning how to transition safely and smoothly from pose to pose will be highlighted. Some knowledge of the asanas is helpful, but not required. Don't let the name fool you. Slowing down requires strong stabilizing muscles. This class is all about the slow burn!

Mixed Level Vinyasa     10 am Saturdays

The Mixed Vinyasa class focuses on connecting the body and the breath. By synchronizing the movement with our inhale and exhale, we begin to find our flow. Vinyasa class is a great way to elevate the heart rate, challenge the body, and fortify the mind.  For those looking for a greater challenge, a variety of options to deepen the pose will be offered when available. 

Yin Yoga

2 pm Fridays

Yin yoga is a more relaxed practiced and the perfect choice for any Yogi looking to stretch his or her muscles and relax the mind. The class will focus on holding and maintaining a variety of yin specific yoga asanas, or poses, for an extended amount of time, typically 4-6 minutes in order to allow the body and mind to fully experience the benefits of each pose.

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