Semi Private Yoga for Every Body

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Begins August 10th

Ease stress as we break down the most frequently visited yoga poses. Learn how to stretch safely, engage the right muscles, and breathe deeper. You'll be ready to walk into any studio with confidence in just 6 weeks


Small Studio Sessions

 Join us for  2 or 3 classes per week. Sign up is required for all classes attended


Unlimited in Studio

We welcome you to join us in the studio daily. We appreciate your dedication to your practice!

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Our Studio

Life can be hectic. We can find ourselves feeling wired & tired, unable to relax, yet lacking the energy to work out. In a time of great disconnect, we offer a place of peace.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Tacoma is a quaint yoga studio that is nestled in on the third floor of the Merlino Arts Center. It is here that your practice can flourish. Group class sizes are purposefully small. Our instructors offer mindful guidance that is rooted in the ancient yogic texts. Our sessions offer the opportunity to cultivate community & fellowship while learning breathing techniques, yoga asana (poses), and meditation.


Students are led primarily with verbal cueing and demonstration by the teacher. Physical adjustments may be offered as well as the use of essential oils.

 All students are welcome, and will be treated with courtesy and respect. Whether you are new to yoga or are a seasoned yogi, you are welcome here. Book your intro session today!


Your Place or Ours?

Private Yoga Sessions 

Whether you're still not sure what namasté means or you're a seasoned yogi, you are worthy of a weekly retreat into your true self. There are tremendous benefits to cultivating a deeper yoga practice.

Our sessions are tailored to your interests and desires.  Each hour we spend together will provide tools to nurture the heart, calm the mind, and of course open the body.

If you've been curious about private yoga sessions, I'd love to connect! 

Contact me at (206)380-9068


Email me at

In 10 sessions you could be sleeping more soundly, breathing deeper, living with less aches and pains, and feeling more confident

6 Week Beginners Series 


Learn the fundamentals of the most common yoga poses taught in a group class.


Gain confidence as you begin to understand what the pose should feel like in your body, and how to modify the pose safely, should you need to.


Classes will be offered twice weekly.


Written guidance as well as a video clip will be available for all key poses.


There will also be multiple opportunities to get one on one guidance during our "Fix My Form" chats.


Sign up today!

We appreciate all those who have expressed concern for our little studio and have expressed an interest in helping it stay strong.

When you choose to practice with us, you are supporting us in the best way!

Join our Private FB Group for daily updates & helpful insight about practicing at home.

Ruth, Chair Yoga

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Trish, Hatha & Yin

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Christhian, Beginners & Vinyasa

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Get Nestled In


Jenni RYT 500

Torey Yin & Reiki 





The Merlino Arts Center 
508 S 6th Ave, Loft #7
Tacoma, WA 98402


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