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Private Yoga Reviews


Whether you're still not sure what namasté means or you're a seasoned yogi, you are worthy of a weekly retreat into your true self. There are tremendous benefits to cultivating a deeper yoga practice.

Our sessions are tailored to your interests and desires. Each hour we spend together will provide tools to nurture the heart, calm the mind, and of course open the body. 

I specialize in assisting those who are post-op, or are dealing with a chronic illness or injury.  Don't let your mind tell you yoga isn't for you. 

Semi-Private Yoga

for Every Body

Bring a friend...or two


Nestled In Yoga is offering private yoga sessions that you can participate in with up to three friends. All pricing for our private sessions is available for small groups at no additional cost at this time. We believe this is the safest way to maintain sound preventative measures during this transitional period. Proof of vaccination is required for all students.



Reiki is defined as a Japanese method of deep relaxation, or energy healing that helps bring you into balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually


Usui Holy Fire III Reiki

Jenni offers 30, 60, & 90 minute Reiki sessions. 

Experiences can be held in person or distant.  

Reiki Therapy

  • Reiki is a universal life force energy that was initially discovered by Dr. Usui in Japan.

  • Reiki involves the transfer of universal energy by laying on hands, hovering the hands over the body, or sending the energy from a distance.

  • Reiki Masters are not giving Reiki, they are merely the conduit for the Reiki you are receiving from Source/God/Universe. 

  • Reiki is non-religious, but many find it complementary to their beliefs.

  • Clients often feel a calming, healing effect that can last long after the session.


Torey & Candy


The Yogi Word

Ruth, Chair Yoga
Yoga Mat and Straps

With age my doctor stressed the importance of stretching. I tried an exercise class, but due to injuries to my legs and ankle, I had to drop out. When a friend suggested yoga, I was very hesitant to join the class. Now I'm so thankful that I listened to her. Jenni is a wonderful teacher. She explains why and how we are to breathe and move. She always gives modifications to those of us who are physically challenged. As a result of practicing yoga I'm more flexible, stronger, and my balance has improved. I love yoga! 


Trish, Hatha & Yin
Yoga Mats

I love everything about this studio! The instructors are very inviting to all levels of yoga students. I was amazed at the attention I received from both Jenni and Jackie. I have taken the Gentle Flow, Yin, and the Sweet Release for Feet and had the best yoga experience ever!  I never thought that I would enjoy this type of activity as much as I do. I leave there refreshed and pampered and look forward to another yoga practice.

Christhian, Beginners & Vinyasa

Why We're Great >

Yoga Equipment

Amazing experience with Jenni, she takes her time and explains thoroughly during the lessons. She also asks if you've had any previous injuries so she can adjust the class so you won't have to issues with pain WITHOUT sacrificing the integrity of a great yoga routine with some of that challenge factor to better adapt your body. She is super nice and makes you feel welcome and at ease, and as a beginner that was HUGE. And a plus is the studio, super relaxed and nicely organized. Absolutely recommend to anyone trying yoga for the 1st time, you won't be disappointed.

Jenni RYT 500


Jenni attended her first yoga class at age 16 in Newington, CT. Through her time spent studying in NYC to her colorful 20's in Denver, CO she always found solace on her mat.

Sharing her passion as a teacher of yoga was always a secret desire for Jenni.

She continued her personal practice for over 15 years before earning her 200-hour teacher training certification. 

Shortly thereafter she went on to earn her 300-hour teacher certification as well. It was during this time she was diagnosed with post-partum depression and anxiety. 

What once felt like a curse, now fuels Jenni's passion. She specializes in providing yoga and reiki to those who crave feeling safe in their own bodies and at peace in their own minds.

Jenni continues to study movement arts and healing studies with teachers across the globe. She now offers her services in person in Tacoma, Wa, and online to the world.


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